Singapore Karate-Do Federation

The Singapore Karate-Do Federation is the Singapore national governing body for karate-do. It is well-recognised locally and abroad.

Registered with the Registry of Societies, Singapore.

A corporate member of the People’s Association


An ordinary member of the Singapore National Olympic Council

Is recognised by the 
Singapore Sports Council


Is an affiliate of 
World Karate Federation


Is an affiliate of
Asian Karatedo Federation

Our Core Values

Open, Transparent and Professionalism.

Our Motto

“Winning is not everything, but the wanting to win is”

Our Vision

The art of Karate-Do are practiced as a way of life for all age and genders.

Our Mission

Promote Karate-Do as a way of life for all age and genders.

Our Immediate Targets

The goals of the Federation are to

  • Broaden the awareness of the sports.
  • Broaden the current sport participation base.
  • Develop NCAP Level 1, 2 and 3 Technical & Theory Integrated Courses
  • Promote Karate-do as a sport to all ages
  • Take all measured to achieve minimum 3 medals in year 2015 SEA Games
  • Organizing the 1st Singapore Open March 2011.
  • Setting up South East Asian Karate-Do Federation having it home base in Singapore.