Circular 20110617

To :

All current Karate-Do NCAP technical cert holder;
All Karate-Do NROC Coaches; and
All interested applicants

With immediate effect, SKF had adopted the following interim procedure(s) for all NROC renewals of karate coaches until a new NCAP technical syllabus and renewal requirements has been reviewed and implemented.

Forthwith, all current application and renewal will be renewed to 30 June 2012. SKF is currently working on to :

1. review and implement a new set of Karate NROC Coach renewal criteria

2. review and implement a revised NCAP technical syllabus by 30 Sept 2011.

All renewals henceforth will be for the period up till 30 June 2012. Thereafter, all coaches will have 9 months lead time (from 1 Oct 2011 to 30 June 2012) to adopt to the new criteria/requirement for future renewals

Shihan David Thong
Vice President
Technical Director