Friday 26 December, 2014

singapore karate

Singapore Karate-Do Federation Management Committee (SKF MC) is pleased to announce the admission of Hayashi-ha Shitoryukai Karate-Do Singapore as an Associate Member of Singapore Karate-Do Federation with effect from 23rd December 2014.

SKF reiterates its commitment to effect changes as may be necessary to ensure open and transparent handling of the sports under the leadership of our new President Shihan David Thong.

The cornerstone of the SKF's management policy is to ensure that the sport is run professionally, with quality and safety standards in place for all our athletes. We will concentrate on ensuring that all fights are kept strictly on the tatami, and off-tatami fights involving politics and factional fighting are eliminated.

The admission of Hayashi-ha Shitoryukai Karate-Do Singapore underlines the fact that the current SKF MC is an inclusive and open NSA.

SKF MC will continue to work hard, and we look forward to the support of our stakeholders, families and friends so as to enable us to achieve a better and brighter future for the sports in Singapore.