Join Training With The Malaysia National Elite Team And Chinese Taipei National Team

Friday 21 June, 2013

singapore karate

The Singapore National Team consist of team captain Daryl Thong, team members Audric Ping, Phang Tze Ming and Timothy Heng recently co-attended a 10days training camp in June 2013 organized by Malaysia Karate Federation (MAKAF) together with the Chinese Taipei National Elite Team in Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia. The event was   hosted in the national training complex of Malaysia at Bukit Jalil.

The Malaysian Head Coach, Sensei Andris Vasiljevs, went through critical tactics, strategy as well as introduced numerous different methods of executing footwork,     techniques and administering fundamentals for the Singapore National Team. Given the huge numbers of high level athletes in the other teams, our athletes had the opportunity to spar with many different opponents and this proved to be very useful for our athletes.

This training camp provided an important and eye-opening experience for our athletes attending the trip. Our athletes interacted and learnt with fellow athletes from Malaysia and Chinese Taipei. The relationships they foster with each other’s further strengthen the already warm and cordial relationship between MAKAF and SKF.